Custom TPU Profile for MK3S – Stock

TPU profile that I think works great. Make sure you loosen your tension a lot. If you try to leave it at the same tension you have use for PLA/PETG you will jam. Try to loosen the tension and then load the filament so you can make sure it loads okay with the little tension.




  • Mr. Glass (@MisterGlass)

    Worked well, except I had to raise the temp by ~20c to get the layers to bond preperly

  • condrovic

    Dosen’t work in the newer versions of Prusa Slicer so be warned

  • JH

    What brand TPU is this for? Its set the temp to 220 which doesnt seem hot enough.

  • Larry Sanford

    I really want to THANK you for this Custom TPU Profile for MK3S. After months of research, and expressing my concern to Prusa about issues I had heard about with filament jams using TPU with the MK3S, they assured me there would be no issues, so I bought one. Benchy printed great in PLA, but EVERY TPU print failed, with filament jams. I was ready to return the printer, or throw it out the window. Then I came upon your TPU profile, and was amazed when I was suddenly doing beautiful TPU prints! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Wouldn’t happen to have a custom Nylon profile, would you? 🙂

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