Pretty PLA Mosquito V1.0

Got a mosquito on your MK3/s or MK2.5/s??? Got you fam.

This is for stock firmware aka Linear Advance 1.0 firmware.

Better ooze free mesh leveling, better speeds for better quality, and overall tweaks and improvements you’ve come to enjoy from the Pretty Profiles.

Summary and Profile created by Chris Warkocki




  • BiuTse

    Hi, thanks for your profile. It is printing nice in my case. Specially mesh leveling without ooze is perfect.
    Juste the Prusament galaxy purple filament come out a little bit stringy. But I think its a filament problem.

    Do you also have any tips for a generel tuning when changing from E3D to mosquito hotend?
    I would also like to tune the other profiles (PETG, ABS, etc.) but don’t have enough experience to know where to start.

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