Pretty CFPETG v1

I sat down and tuned Atomic CF PETG as best as I could the other day and I’m really happy with the results.

I was using my MK2.5 to dial it in which means it’ll work on the MK3 just fine. It should also be fine for the MK2.5s and MK3s.

My setup included a Slice Engineering Vanadium nozzle which means it’ll work for most hardened steel nozzles. You may be have to adjust the nozzle temp +- 5C depending on your specific setup so I stuck with a safe 250C nozzle temp. Parts feel fine and don’t exhibit typical brittle nature so the temp isn’t too low for my setup.

This does include the 7×7 bed leveling. If you do not have a custom firmware with 7×7 mesh bed leveling please change the line G80 N7 to just G80 in order to use this on a stock profile.


Credits for summary and profile to Chris Warkocki 




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