Pretty BMG PLA V1.9.ini – Linear Advance 1.5 Firmware

Triple checked my setting edits and now have a pretty stable variant of the Pretty BMG PLA profile for Linear Advance 1.5 firmware.

I’m going to call this a V1.9 and should be great for anyone using a geared extruder on the MK3/2.5/s series. Remember that it goes along with this specific firmware:…/Build-Pr…/releases/tag/MK3_LA_190602_01

Linear Advance is moved to the start gcode section for now and is set at K0.04 currently and looks great so far.

Feel free to test this on your geared extruder and with the new community firmware. Clicking is gone and movements are far smoother. Overall print quality gets a huge boost.

Summary and Profile created by Chris Warkocki



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